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Elevating elder care through innovative lead generation solutions & connecting compassionate companies to those who need them most.
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Beyond Leads: Purposeful Connections
We partner with businesses dedicated to enhancing lives and uplifting communities.
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Elevate Your Impact with ElderWise
Join us on a journey of data-driven results to soar your business to new heights.
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Purpose-Driven Partnerships

We don't just choose clients; we choose causes. Partnering with businesses committed to holistically enhancing well-being and enriching the quality of life for their valued community.

Impact Analytics

Go beyond traditional metrics. Measure the societal impact and value alignment of your campaigns.

Strategic Lead Generation

Tailored solutions leveraging data insights to connect you with audiences who genuinely care.

Content with a Conscience

Crafting narratives that resonate, inform, and inspire action in service of a greater cause.

Elevating Purpose, Empowering Growth

Discover the ElderWise Digital difference. Our services aren’t just about boosting numbers; they’re about amplifying impact.

Our Mission

At ElderWise Digital, we’re dedicated to transforming the digital landscape for the aging population, ensuring they can age in place with dignity and independence. Our mission extends beyond mere lead generation; we’re committed to empowering companies that prioritize genuine care and contribute to holistic well-being through our equally holistic digital marketing solutions, custom tailored for your business’s unique needs. Through innovative strategies and ethical partnerships, we aim to pave the way for an equitable future where wellness is accessible to all.

Trusted Partners

Our track record of forging purposeful partnerships reflects the trust and confidence businesses have in our unique approach.

Purposeful Engagement

Empowering our partners by connecting them with countless individuals in need, amplifying their mission and reach, while helping their businesses soar to new heights.

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Our Dedicated Team

A growing collective of passionate experts in Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), & Holistic Wellbeing committed to bridging genuine needs with genuine solutions.

Elderly Couples Dancing together

✓ Email or SMS marketing for converting your leads 

 Keeping track of new leads & where they are in your sales process

 Communicating with clients

 Subscribing to several different marketing & sales software

                                The one place for all your business needs. Get the tools you need to manage & grow, in one single platform.                                 Do it yourself or upgrade your subscription today and let our experienced marketing team work exclusively with you – online or off!

Websites & Funnels

Professional templates and snapshots

Social Media Management

Automate your social posts efficiently

Reputation Management

Manage and automate your online reviews easily

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Scale / manage / automate your customer database

Email & SMS Marketing

Automate email/SMS marketing & templates

Web Chat Integration

Convert new leads coming straight to you via email/SMS

Opportunities & Pipelines

Let pipelines manage your customer acquisition flow

Call Tracking

Track/Automate SMS, calls, voicemail through one virtual number

Payment & Invoices

Take online payments, custom invoices, text-to-pay, and Apple Pay integration


Two-Way texting & email conversations, Google My Business, Facebook, & missed calls


Efficiently & effortlessly integrate tiered membership options into your websites

Forms & Surveys

Build custom questionnaires for your websites

Smart Calendar Scheduling

Scale scheduling capabilities with unlimited integrated calendars


For your workflows, campaigns, triggers, smart lists, chat widget etc.


Google ads, Facebook ads, attribution, call, agent, appointment etc.

Our business calendars allow you to easily schedule appointments to save you hundreds of hours in scheduling.

Artboard 148

Build captivating landing pages and full websites from start to finish with ease using a drag and drop builder. Leverage powerful features like automated AI chatbots and optimized templates for both web and mobile to boost your site engagement to new heights.

Simplify lead acquisition and nurturing with our proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) system, designed for effortless lead management and workflow automations.


Engage and follow up with leads automatically, ensuring consistent communication and organic nurturing.


Boost your online presence with strategic SEO practices and compelling content, driving organic traffic and enhancing visibility.

Maximize visibility with targeted ads on key online platforms, tailored to reach your ideal audience.

No, here at Elderwise Digital we believe that we have to repeatedly earn your business month to month. Our contract is designed around a monthly subscription model.

Absolutely, regardless of your selected plan, we offer 1 on 1 onboarding to get you started.

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